Budget Deck Decorating Tips

It can be extremely difficult to look for ways that actually spruce up your outdoor area if your deck needs a makeover and your budget is tight. Lucky for you, we are here to help.  

Here are a couple of tips that you can follow if you are planning to decorate your deck and patio without spending too much money: 

Build a Water Accent 

You can build your own water feature without spending a lot of money if you simply re-purpose any old pots or other water-containing fixtures you have around the house. All you’ve got to do is buy a DIY fountain kit that contains a water pump. 

Revitalize a Furniture Piece 

For any deck, furniture can be a great decorative piece. A simple repaint and refinish can actually improve your deck if you are tired of the furniture’s color or perhaps it simply looks worn and old. To complement your house, you can paint the furniture a new color. Perhaps you can also add a couple of new season cushions to have a more comfortable sitting.  

New Lights 

You can buy a decorative and elegant string of lights without breaking the bank. Then, you can hang it throughout the deck that complement’s the style of the area. Perhaps you can look for a couple of candles or lanterns for under $25. This is a cheap way to add visibility and depth to an unappealing place.  

Build a Trellis 

You can use a lattice or trellis to frame the edge of your deck. Make sure they extend above the existing walls or railing. This new décor will improve the shade and privacy of your deck. In addition to that, you’ve got to ensure there’s an area to plant some climbing vines. This includes clematis or morning glories. This will help add a wow factor for your deck décor.  

Planters or Container Gardens 

One excellent way to decorate the deck without breaking the bank is to purchase a couple of containers and fill them with seasonal and vibrant plants. Aside from saving you some dollars, it offers you the freedom to mix and match textures and colors to your personal preference. A deck container garden will also attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your yard. This will help add another layer of life to the deck.  

Solar Lighting 

If you want your deck to still look alive in the night, you should consider adding lighting to the deck. You should consider solar lights. These types of lights don’t require an on/off switch. They simply light up whenever it is dark. Then, they will automatically fade away 4 up to 6 hours after.  

Aside from that, you will not have to wire them or plug them. Thus, you’ll save money on your utility bill. You can renew their solar-charged batteries every day. All you’ve got to do is to leave them under the sun. In addition to that, these lights are made to ensure all types of weather. Thus, you should consider installing them on your deck.